Elliott, W.E. – Almost Normal Comics #1


Almost Normal Comics #1

This comic, while being more than a little bit creepy, is something that I would recommend to friends. There’s one story about a half-man, half-alligator thing and one about a young boy discovering death. In between there are some pin-ups and a lot of newspaper clippings. I’m guessing that these stories are real. If they are, they’re kind of like the stuff from News of the Weird, but just the really disturbing death and cannibalism type stuff. Funny but slightly macabre, and when’s the last time I’ve used that word twice on one page? I liked his Almost Normal Comics, and I probably would have liked his other stuff too if I wasn’t so squeamish. Regardless of what I think, the fact remains that the guy’s an incredibly talented artist who also knows how to tell a story. Who knows, if he keeps this up he could start to fill the hole that EC comics left a long time ago. I’ll definitely be checking out his stuff in the future, but I’ll be sticking to the Almost Normal stuff and staying away from the Tale Teller stuff. Again, check his website to see for yourself.

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