Dunlap, Rob & Lumby, Peter – Tozzer 2 #2


Tozzer 2 #2

OK, I didn’t like this one either. Which is putting it mildly, but I’ll get to the specifics. The only benefit of the doubt I have left for this series is that maybe in the previous mini series all of the characters were fleshed out so wonderfully that I’m just coming into this late and I don’t get these people. That’s a pretty shaky premise, granted. So what bugged me? How about Michael Moore squeezing into a phone booth to get a pizza? Get it? He’s fat, you see. Or Vin Diesel speaking only in unintelligible grunts? He’s muscle-bound, you see. How about George Lucas yelling at somebody for wanting to use latex for an effect in a movie? His later movies are crap because of all the CGI. Or Eminem yelling faggot over and over (he’s apparently a bit of a homophobe in real life), or Michael Jackson registering for school as a 12 year old. The problem is that, while some of these things are true and able to be poked fun at, this is a lazy comic that is making fun of the stereotypes of these people a lot more than the actual people, which is what a good satirist does. It’s like all the people since the early 90’s who have been imitating Dana Carvey imitating George Bush Sr. instead of trying to imitate him themselves. It still looks good though, and at this point I think that if something is stupid enough there’s bound to be a huge audience for it somewhere. There’s a website up there, and it’s entirely possible that these guys could put out something good in the future, but this isn’t it. Oh, and if this hasn’t convinced you one way or the other, the next issue is apparently about Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame. Just in case that does anything for you…

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