Dow, Ryan – Goodbye Kitty



Goodbye Kitty

Hey look, it’s my first review from SPACE 2009… done while SPACE is still going on!  Not that that’s going to do you a lot of good if you read this, say, 4 hours from now, but if you’re reading this RIGHT NOW and live in Columbus, you should probably head on over there.  And as for recommendations, yes, you should check this one.  This is a 24 hour (not mentioned in the comic, but Ryan mentioned it at the show) dealing with the relationship between a teddy bear and a kitty.  The kitty in almost unbearably adorable, the teddy bear has been seeing a doll on the side and was talked into murdering the kitty.  However, as any good student of Tales From the Crypt knows, these sorts of things never end well.  In fact, they usually end with the zombified remains of the wrongly murdered party getting their revenge in bloody fashion.  Well, there’s not a whole lot of blood in the average teddy bear, but you get the idea.  The comic is a blast, it’s an idea that was executed damned near perfectly.  It couldn’t have been easy to portray a teddy bear going through some serious emotional turmoil before and after the murder, but Ryan nails it here.  This comic is also up for free on his website, so there’s no need to take my word for it.  No price but let’s say $2, and this one is well worth seeking out.  Oh, and the biggest concern for the 24 hour books is usually “how bad is the artwork?”, but there are no problems on that front either.  The characters are meant to be a bit simple, so you barely notice the speedy drawing.  $2


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