Dinski, Will – Habitual Entertainment #3


Habitual Entertainment #3 Now Available! $3

OK, this is the third try at writing a review for this book. One more deletion and I’m just going to assume that the great holy Jesus God doesn’t want this thing posted. So! This is the story of a father and son, the father working the earth (along with his giant robots that look like tits) while the son wants more from his life. This is all in the shadow of the mother dying while giving birth. Well, as is always the case with entertainment involving giant robots, things get a bit ugly from there. Speaking of ugly, the solid red choice for the pages didn’t appeal to me. One man’s opinion, but there you go. Just… ugly. Of course, that’s not too big of a deal when the story is still fascinating, the art is still great and you have an ending like that. Still worth checking out and maybe the red (which is a deeper red than the scanner was willing to show for whatever reason) won’t bug you like it did me… $3

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