Denson, Abby – The Doctor of Dolltopia



The Doctor of Dolltopia

In case you can’t make out the fine print on the cover, this is the second book of the Dolltopia story (out of a projected four), so three cheers for her for getting back to this.  She’s been a little busy with the Tough Love graphic novel and, judging from the impressive list of people praising it, it’s probably worth seeking out.  Still, how about this issue?  This time around we get to learn the story of Scotty (the boyfriend of Kitty from last issue) and how Kitty’s departure has led him to question his existence.  His new girlfriend is a dolt and he eventually finds his way to the outside world… and he’s sadly not prepared for it.  Meanwhile, the lone rescued doll from the last issue adjusts to her new home, the leader of the raid comes to terms with being a failure (as, in her mind, only rescuing one doll was unacceptable) and we get a clearer picture of the doll society as a whole.  There’s also an excellent cliffhanger at the end, as it looks like Dolltopia might be found out by regular people.  Um, spoiler alert.  Hey, it’s a cliffhanger, who knows where it really goes from here?  I love this kind of stuff, where the creator makes their own complete world, and Abby is doing an excellent job with the concept.  Here’s hoping she manages to make a complete story out of this, as it has all the makings for a great graphic novel.  $2


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