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Big Deal Comics and Stories

Ah, I can only hope that all the comics I got from FLUKE are this good. This looks like it was done for a local newspaper or something, as all the strips are the same basic format. If you’ve ever seen a weekly strip in a paper you know that they’re kind of hit or miss. Some weeks are funny, some are OK, and some just stink. Well, none of these are that bad and, granted, there are some that are kind of “eh”, but the funny ones are incredible. Strips that I didn’t put up here (because I didn’t want to put up the whole book) include a hillbilly yeti, Pants Man, an angry butterfly, a werewolf hand projector, Tom Selleck, and more monsters than you can shake a stick at, whatever that means. Looks, here’s one sample, and if you don’t laugh at this, don’t send this guy any money. Fair enough?

Still here? OK, I’ll make a deal with you. I normally don’t put up this many samples, but I had a hard time narrowing it down to three, let alone less than that. Obviously, I can’t see you here, but if you look at the rest of the samples you should really send the guy money so he doesn’t get pissed off at me or anything. I don’t have an address yet, but I’m working on it, OK? I did manage to find his e-mail address though, so you can ask him what you can buy. He had two books there with the same title, so you should ask him for the one that was all sideways. A little bit better than the other one, mostly because it didn’t have as many songs. Unless songs are your thing, in which case you should get the other one. Or get them both, as they’re only $2 each. On with the funny!

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