Davis, Eleanor – Mattie and Dodi


Mattie and Dodi

Another day, another gorgeous comic from Eleanor. This one details basically a day in the life of Mattie and Dodi, two sisters who are taking care of their dying grandfather. OK, just Mattie is taking care of him, as Dodi is too young and traumatized to help much. Mattie is also dealing with a loving boyfriend and a job, both of which seem to be unwelcome distractions from her other duties. Eleanor has taken a topic here that could be milked to death as a tear-jerker and was instead content to let the silences between characters tell the story. I don’t think Dodi says a word the whole time, but most of the story is told from her perspective. It’s a quiet and affecting tale about people being forced to deal with an impossible situation. Oh, and it’s her first “big” comic, hence the heftier price tag of $5, but well worth it if you’re already a fan of her stuff…

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