Cilla, Chris – Stun Nuts #3


Stun Nuts #3

I could just be making this up (and, in fact, I am), but with the publication of this story from the SPX 2002 anthology, I think every single piece in that has been reproduced as a mini comic. There were a lot of stories in there, so maybe a few are still only in that one volume, but if you’re any sort of small press completist then you’d be a lot better off getting that anthology and leaving these reproductions alone. However, if you only like a few artists in that book, chances are they’ve put out their story in mini form, so everybody wins! This one is a short bio of Edward Gorey, who was a fascinating man with a body of work that’ll probably never be matched. It would be nice if this was longer than four pages, but there are other bios out there for people who are interested in his work. It’s a good little mini if you know and love the man, if you don’t then this is a cheap and easy way to get a tiny primer in his life. I’d say that this is $1 but I’d only be guessing…

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