Cilla, Chris – The Diplomat #4


The Diplomat #4 (Chris Cilla only)

Well, I have a dilemna. I picked this one because it looked like one of the few that I could review in a short time, as I’m here on my lunch hour and all. After reading it I discovered that it was one of the more original and unique things that I’ve read, making it hard to sum up in a few lines. The closest thing I can compare it to would be Jim Woodring’s Frank, which is what I always compare things to when I’m at a loss for words. It’s funny, it’s odd, it looks great, and you’re not going to understand a lot of what’s going on but will still come away feeling strangely satisfied. Sometimes the stories seem normal enough (like the first story about a man having a rough day) before veering off into insanity, sometimes they don’t make much sense to begin with and are over before you know what happened (like Silent Running), and sometimes you have a story like Pink Blazer, which defies all words that I know. Check it out, let yourself go, and keep your mind open.

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