Chandler, Richy – Tempo Lush #2: Dr. Geary’s Notes on Subject 14D



Tempo Lush #2: Dr. Geary’s Notes on Subject 14D

Richy goes with something completely different for the second issue of this series, as this one deals with a mysterious new life form.  Note to the readers: when you get this comic open it up completely and then read it like a regular page.  Sometimes these fold-outs get a little tricky, this time it was as simple as could be and thus had me fooled.  Anyway, an egg is found on an island (it doesn’t really need much more setup than that) and hatches to reveal a lumpish creature with serious intelligence and the ability to depict whatever it wants to on its belly.  It also carries a bit of a grudge, as it remembers the scientist that it attacked (after said scientist drew blood) and seems to want to do the man some serious damage.  It is ordered that the creature be destroyed, and any more given away would completely spoil this tiny thing.  Let’s just say that the creature may know more than it seems, and would this comic really just up and kill that adorable little blob?  This comes on graph paper (if I remember my schoolin’ correctly), which is a nice touch with the format of being told as a series of scientific notes.  Another solid entry in this batch of ten which, as mentioned above, goes for about $16.50 in US dollars at the moment.


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