Cattapan, Brian – Vampires Need Love Too! #3



Vampires Need Love Too #3 Now Available!  $3

Do you people still scroll all the way down this page when I mention the updates?  Brian is going to change the way these pages are set up all by himself if he keeps this up.  And, seeing as how he’s been sending me these comics for most of the life of the site at this point, I don’t see him slowing down any time soon.  This comic, like the last two, is comprised of daily strips, so the story kind of comes and goes.  At times he seems to be focusing on a larger piece, then it stops abruptly and veers off in a different direction.  There are still a few funny bits and a few groaners (nature of the beast with the pun-oriented strips), but the funny does outweigh the groaners and I like the new zombie roommate.  Subjects in here include having the Grim Reaper as a friend, moaning about a lack of love life, a stoner/drunk turned into a zombie and his friends being unable to tell the difference (that one was a bit heavy-handed), being in a blues band, what’s really in your coffee, the difficulty of giving death gifts, stalking vs. courting, and being stuck with a vampire stereotype.  I should also mention (in case I never have on this vast page) that Brian has been getting other artists to do representation of his characters for a while now, and this time around gets Graham Annable and Matt Metzler to do some damned impressive work.  Check out the pile of free samples on his website if you need convincing, and it’s linked way up at the top of the page.  $3


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