Byrne, Brendan (editor) – Toenail Clippings #4

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Toenail Clippings #4

What a treat this book is. Maybe we can get lucky and they can bottle the formula to make the perfect anthology. OK, fine, maybe it isn’t perfect. I’m sure there are a few things I didn’t like. Here, let me look through it again. Hey, there’s no Devildoll in this Dragonface and Devildoll story by Des McElroy. Too bad it’s still a great story without her. Yep, liked the short from Bob Byrne. And the one with the pictures, and I can (sadly enough) relate to the one from Brendan Byrne. Here, take a look at it, learn a little about me.

Sad, huh? Here’s the Loser Squadron and that’s always good… liked the rest of the stuff on the page… I’ll tell you what, I’ll just yell if I see something I don’t like. I’ve been kind of unconvinced about Kick the Cat until now, that one was fantastic. Christ, the Monster Truck Bonanza story… Sorry folks, nothing to complain about here. I think you should send them $5 or so immediately (it’s a big anthology and it looks great, don’t worry, it’s worth it), but I’m insanely biased towards good comics. OK, here’s another sample. I know I already used one of these for #3 but sometimes I just have no self-control at all.

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