Byrne, Bob – Mbleh! #2


Mbleh! #2

Here I was, all set to write a review about this wonderful comic when I saw an ad for Big If books at the back of his comic, and they have a quote from me in their ad! It’s a stupid thing that I said, true, but it seems to suit their purpose. Anyway, this is another funny comic from Bob Byrne. He he, “Daddy bag”… Anyway, there are all kinds of stories in here. The biggest one of the bunch is about a small child who craps gold, but the gold only lasts a little while. Eh, I probably gave too much away already. There’s also a great story about a man on his day off, to which I can sadly relate. That’s before I had the website, of course, because now I spend all my free time on this. All of it! Anyway, buy this. If I thought even a little bit that the first issue was slightly uneven, he has all the bugs worked out here. Funny and insightful from start to finish, and he has some of the busiest art that I’ve seen. Meaning, for those of you don’t know, that there are all kinds of things to study in those panels. Background characters, facial expressions, store signs (my favorite on the first read through was “Hardcore Prawn”… Just buy it! If nothing else, you have to be curious to see the quote they pulled from my review, right? Sorry about the crappy scan again. Anybody out there know how I can get rid of that stupid zipatone effect, seeing as how it’s not in the comic at all but shows up in my scans? You do all know that I hardly know anything at all about computers, right? If not, my cover is blown…

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