Brubaker, Elijah – Reich #2


Reich #2 Now Available! $3

Shall I start with a complaint? Why not, as I thoroughly enjoyed the second issue of this series and that’s boring. Books that look this good shouldn’t have spelling errors. It’s something I’ve said many times about many books, but this whole thing is as professional as it gets. The packaging, art, writing, literary references, everything is top notch, and when that’s the case the little things can mean a whole lot. Still, it’s fixed easily enough when it eventually gets turned around into a graphic novel, so no harm done in the long run, I guess. As for the issue, like I said, I loved it. Reich gets fleshed out even more, we get to see an interaction with his therapist, his early years with his first child, his dealings with his colleagues and another meeting with Freud. It’s a fascinating story, expertly told, so what’s to complain about? Besides the tiny thing I already mentioned, that is… $3

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