Brown, Jeffrey – Bighead



It’s easy enough to forget at times, in the midst of my gradually increasing “meh”-itude to Jeffrey’s relationship comics (“meh” being somewhere in the middle of the range of possible opinions, obviously), that his non-relationship stuff is constantly the shit. Seriously, if you can find I Am Going To Be Small or any of his non-personal stuff, it’s enough to restore your faith in the concept of comics as being capable of making you laugh out loud, sometimes to the point of tears. Bighead is a collection of all the Bighead minis and various places the character has appeared over the years, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. Here’s the origin of Bighead: repeatedly taunted by schoolmates, Bighead became emotionally scarred, causing his head to swell with power. If that’s not something you can get behind, move along please and leave the funny to the rest of us. Every part of this book is some degree of awesome, from the usually boring page with all the legalese to the last page of Bighead fan art. In between Bighead battles all sorts of villains, ranging from ninjas, a group of his most powerful villains, The Brit (who marries the love of Bighead’s life), Crabby, and The Puncher, among many others. There’s also the unpublished and incomplete Bighead graphic novel, and from the looks of it it’s a damned shame that one never got finished. I’ll leave it there, as it’s no fun to analyze humor to death, but this is just about required reading to any fans left of this genre. $12.95

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