Brewer, Glenn – Askari Hodari #2


Askari Hodari #2

OK, this one doesn’t do much to explain things that I wasn’t clear on (I’m doing this review on 4/23/03, about a year after I got #3), but it does make me like the series a bit more. It’s mostly action, sure, but at least it’s a fun book. I still barely have any idea of what’s going on in the big picture (guess I need to get the first issue from him for that), but it looks good. The only real thing I can complain about is that I don’t like typed lettering. Just seems to me that if you’re willing to spend a couple of days or longer on a page you could spend a few hours to make the lettering look good, and I have terrible handwriting. Still, word at SPACE was that Glenn got some kind of movie deal, so he might be done with comics anyway. It’s worth checking out for the mayhem value involved, although if you don’t like action books it’s probably not for you. Contact info is down yonder…

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