Beyer Jr., David – City Under Sand

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City Under Sand

One thing David managed to nail in this (supposed to be) 24 hour comic is his excuse for not getting it done in time: he was busy.  Ta-da!  That and he had no real plans to do a 24 hour comic; he just started drawing on the subway one day.  Still, he managed to get it done in a week, which is no small thing for a color book.  At times this does look like it was done on the subway, as there are heavy, scattered lines all over the place in the first few pages, requiring the reader to step back and really examine the panels.  Or you could take the cynic’s view and say that they look rushed, but I think there’s a very clear plan behind them.  This is the silent story of a man who walks through the desert, makes his way to an underground city and gets on the subway.  Things don’t go very smoothly from there, but I’m certainly not going to give it away.  As for what was going on here, what kind of world was this, who was the walking man, these are all unaddressed, which is fine for a one-shot like this.  Sometimes it’s better to have to come up with your own reasons for why everything is happening the way it is.  All told it’s an intriguing book, which is all you can ask for out of this sort of thing.  No price, but due to all the color I’m going with $2.


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