Barnes, E.J. – Tales of the Ling Master #1


Tales of the Ling Master #1

Apparently EJ is putting a bunch of these minis together into a collected book of the work of “Blaster” Al Ackerman. Also, I guessed incorrectly, as EJ is a she and not a he. Whoops! Not the first mistake I’ve ever made and it certainly won’t be the last. Anyway, this particular volume (and I, Stallion is also included in that list of Al Ackerman stories, in case I didn’t make that clear) is about a man who’s obsessed with bread dolls and eventually decides to make one of the size and shape of a young boy. He decides to show his friend, the reclusive detective known as The Ling Master, once he discovers signs of life coming from the doll, and that’s when the Vug-Randolphs get involved. Honestly, I’m fascinated with Al Ackerman now, and that’s not meant to take anything away from EJ, who does a fantastic job of interpreting his stories. Or at least it looks like she does to me, as it’s hard to tell without reading the short stories. Still, the comics are completely original, which is never a bad thing, and there’s more to come in this same vein, which is also not a bad thing. It’s only $1, so it’s worth the risk to check out, at least I think it is. Contact info is up there, send her an e-mail!

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