Baillie, Liz – My Brain Hurts #3


My Brain Hurts #3

Here’s another great random mini, this time from New York (must be something in the water there). This deals with the stories of Kate, a 16 year old lesbian, and Joey, a 13 year old gay ex-runaway. Sorry if that seems vague, but I don’t know a whole lot after one issue, although the recap of the first two issues was done very well and is something that every serialized comic should have. Anyway, Joey’s formerly abusive Dad is trying to get Joey to clean up his act, and wants him to start by trying to get into a private Catholic school. Kate is trying to get over her brief infatuation with a girl named Verona and is hitting it off with a new girl, Desi. Christ, this sounds like an after school special. That’s not how it comes across as you read it, as the writing is sharp and realistic and she puts some serious work into those backgrounds. It’s still a bit raw, but all she needs to do to fix that is to keep putting these out for a few years and then that stuff tends to fade away. Well worth a look if you can find it, and she seems to hit all the major cons so you should be able to find it out there, or you could always check up that website on the top of the page… $3

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