Hill, Dan – The Fifty Flip Experiment #7



The Fifty Flip Experiment #7

Dan passes a crucial test with this issue: is it better than the last one?  In every way, and it’s not like the last issue was awful.  Of course, it is possible to pass that test too often and become like Dan Clowes.  Dan kept making every issue of Eightball better and better for years until eventually he lost the ability to make comics, as he eventually reached a critical mass of awesomeness.  As long as this Dan can avoid that, he should be fine.  Stories in this issue include the tale of Albrecht Durer (and Dan gets bonus points both for using the umlaut and for saying that Albrecht can use them every time they’re printed in his name “like a periscope from hell”), a studious and curious boy who’s also mildly homicidal, a young man who tunes out the cartoon villain who’s come to kill him, Neat Pete looking for cash, an unfortunate usage of a blender, a bad babysitter, the sternum and the awful, awful pun.  It made me chuckle more than a few times, what more can you ask for?  $2 (or $1 if you get it from Dan’s hands).


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