Jordan, Rusty – Molgar Bag Digest #2 (with Brent Harada)


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Molgar Bag Digest #2 (with Brent Harada)

I’m speechless.  That’s never stopped me before, and I’m sure I’ll manage to ramble for an acceptable amount of time before giving up, but I genuinely have no idea what to say about this.  That sample should tell you all you need to know.  This is another mini with as fantastic a selection of images as you’re likely to see anywhere, all unencumbered with anything as old fashioned as a story.  There were a couple of pages there where the same character seemed to reappear, and a few times when actual words and sentences crept into the pile of images, but this was rare.  This doesn’t mean that I hated this; far from it.  The trouble with this site is that I try to do at least a little more than say “wow, that was cool.  And bizarre” and leave it at that.  Why?  Good question.  The point is to try to inform you folks, I suppose, although this is one of those rare cases where I can’t say a damned thing that will make you understand this any better than if you just went to the website or took a few minutes staring at the sample.  I will say that I was constantly impressed with the level of detail in every panel.  Seriously, there was very, very little space wasted in this comic, and these two (assuming that they’re both working on everything) are impressive artists.  They also have a profound understanding of the creepy, and there are at least a few pages in this that have burned their way into my brain.  It was really tough to pick the sample page, which is always a good sign.  Send the man about $3, check it out for yourself.


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