Shy, Davi – The Treehouse


The Treehouse

See, this is reason #1345 that I love mini comics. I was rolling along in this one, which was pretty average for the first half with promising bits, and then there’s the final story, which completely blew me away. And what’s it about? A goldfish. Never would have guessed in a million years that that would be maybe my favorite story of the week, but there you have it. The rest of the book is far from bad, as it’s all color and has some fairly impressive artwork, just nothing that really stood out to me. Davi’s other stories in here include describing her place in Chicago, being overwhelmed by her sister who had just given birth, trying to avoid the temptation to spend the evening (or maybe forever) watching tv, and the simple joys of cooking. Then there’s the big winner, a two page epic about a fish she had for five years. I confess, I was one of probably most people in the world that thought that fish weren’t much in the pet department, but this comic has me seriously reconsidering that notion. This fish did noticeable tricks and sure seemed to have a distinct personality, and Davi coming to terms with it dying was absolutely heartbreaking. This is $2, and if you happen to get this at Chicago Comics Davi apparently works there, so maybe you could get her to sign a copy…

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