Solomon, Ali – Strings Attached: Amy’s Birthday Party



Strings Attached: Amy’s Birthday Party

Uh oh, the dreaded serial comic strip. People who read this site often know that, generally speaking, that format doesn’t do a thing for me. There are exceptions, but even with the stuff I like the format can wear me down after a while. With that caveat, this is a serial comic about the events of a birthday party, either among people in college or people not far removed from college. Ali gets things off to a great start with the opening strip showing the various characters naked in a tree, locked in a closet, with blue hands and with a pocket full of curry. Right off the bat, the reader has to find out what happened there. From there she manages to put a serviceable punchline in every strip, as things get more and more chaotic and the events from that intro panel come into focus. Some strips are funnier than others and I generally have a problem with punchlines, so people who like that sort of thing would probably love this. As for the art, it’s generally pretty sparse with few complicated backgrounds going on, but it looks like Ali has some skills, maybe a break from the serial format into actual comic pages would give her a chance to shine. $3

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