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Jones Crusher Stamps Out Da Freakz

Kid reviewers, if you ever get multiple comics in the same shipment and are only planning to review one of them right away, try to keep them together. Why? Because you may see another comic from the same batch months (or even years, if you’re me) later and have no idea who you’re dealing with. Sure, they should have their name somewhere in the comic, but in cases like this, you get to go on an internet scavenger hunt to figure it out. I won’t bore you with even more details about it, so I’ll just say that if Marino Yinug is not the actual name of the person who goes by Zaponator, let me know and I’ll fix it. Meanwhile, I’m confronted with another problem I’ve never figured out how to solve: how to review a 4-8 page mini. Especially one like this, where it’s actually five pages of story, and only one of them has more than one panel. So I’ll just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the old timey art style of his combined with a Crumb-esque style for his leading lady. As for the contents of the book, I’d refer you to the title, as it’s pretty much dead on. Did I, as somebody who is completely out of touch with anything resembling modern music, have any idea of the beef between the two bands mentioned? Reader, I did not. But hey, maybe you will! No price listed, and my detective skills were exhausted in the hunt for the name of the artist, so let’s say roughly $5.

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