Cherry, Ben – Supplement



It’s a grab bag of comics from Ben, with a title that lets you know exactly what’s going on here. So if you’ve been holding off on checking out his work because you’re not sure if one specific title is going to do it for you, you’re in luck! Ben mentions in his intro that some of this work has never been released, so everybody is sure to see something new. So what’s going on in here? There are two stories about Dog Head Hoodie Guy, who looks exactly like you’d think, and his attempts to go through life. All he really wants is for somebody to acknowledge the fact that he looks odd with his dog head, but can he find satisfaction? Other stories include a bird raising its chick and watching the inevitable happen, a “what if” story about what would happen if Batman couldn’t take a punch and instead put his money to more practical use, the sad and lonely final hours of a dude dying of radiation poisoning in space and his attempts to have it mean something, what happens if there really is a monster under the bed, and a series of full page images of various subjects. Yep, leaving it as a surprise. There’s also a fairly hefty story about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (although they’re never called that, so I don’t think anybody will sue) and their attempts to navigate middle age. Surprisingly poignant, considering the characters, but maybe that’s me reading into it as I’m going through the same thing minus the ninja skills. It’s a nice mix of stories, and I remain dazzled by his artistic skills. The man can draw a comic, is what I’m saying. Check it out! $4

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