Berry, Brandon – Cat #4


Cat #4 (not available for sale as of 1/29/23, but it’ll most likely be here soon)

What, did you think that the Hound was just going to give up? Does that sound like a proper hound to you? We catch up with the hunter this time around, as he shakes down a bartender for information. But he does not do this unnoticed, so our “hero” (seriously, for all I know the hound is the one with a good and true reason for finding Cat, not the other way around) has a little advance warning. He’s also impatient, so his flying right through a space checkpoint without stopping looks like it’s going to get him into a whole heap of trouble. This one feels longer than the previous issues (and I mean that in the best possible sense), probably because Brandon packs a lot of details in here while also going nuts (again, best possible sense) with his signature visual style. The confrontation in the bar and <event redacted because spoiler> at the end were impressive as hell. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes from here, and if you’ve been following along on these weekly reviews, you’re in luck! This is the last issue he sent me, so now’s your chance to get them all as a clump to catch up. Then you’ll be ready for the next issue, whenever that happens. Just like me! $5

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