Mirrsky, Robb – Sludgy #4.5


Sludgy #4.5

Hey, if the place selling the comics is calling it #4.5, I’ll do the same. It’s Sludgy! That’s what I say out loud when I see one of these comics, which is maybe odd and/or the sign of a problem, but it’s true nonetheless. This time around our favorite goop monster with the heart of gold is once again on the outside looking in, watching an older guy enjoying his day. They’re both in a park, but the old man is sitting on a park bench and feeding the birds, while poor Sludgy is alone in the bushes and he just wants to make a friend. But this time around, there’s a twist: the person he meets is blind. Is this all that’s been standing in Sludgy’s way of making a pal, or is it more his personality or goopy body? You’ll have to read it to find out, which I’m guessing most people of good taste reading this are already doing, so I guess this is more of an alert: there’s a new Sludgy comic out there! It’s an awfully sweet issue, and the mayhem is kept to a minimum, but if you’re still capable of processing joy there’s not much to complain about here. It’s probably a solid starting point if you are new to the series too, as you get a good peek into Sludgy’s world while still having a pile of backstory to catch up on once you figure out that you love it. $5

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