Jackson, Rob – Edie Blenkinsop’s War


Edie Blenkinsop’s War

One of the most prolific people in comics is at it again, and this time it’s about a historical event. Well, sort of. I don’t think this is based on a true story, but that’s also the beauty of it: if it was a true story, chances are that none of us would have ever heard of it. Things start off with an illustrator putting together a children’s book until she’s interrupted by air raid sirens. She’s in England in World War II, and that sort of thing was all too common back then. Edie is also feeling like she could do more to help in the war effort, so after lunch with a friend she meets up with another friend who’s involved in the intelligence aspect of the war. Edie’s plan was to help by drawing some illustrations to be placed around town, but instead she finds out that an old boyfriend of hers is suspected of being a spy for the Germans, so she somewhat reluctantly takes up the job of ingratiating herself with him again. After a brief training session she takes a job near his house and “happens” to run into him. She’s not suspicious at first, but after planting a bug in his phone and listening in she starts to have other ideas. From there it’s a bit of a cat and mouse game, with her trying not to get discovered and him refusing to listen to the suspicions of his friend telling him that her timing in arriving was entirely too convenient. And if you’re wondering if all this sneaking around leads to a big old shoot-em-up eventually, you had better believe that it does. I don’t remember the rules on the size of “actual” graphic novels, but this is 72 pages (per his website) and sure feels like a graphic novel to me. There’s also a lovely epilogue that I sadly can’t spoil, but just trust me on this, OK? If you’re looking to get somebody into Rob’s work (or if you’ve been holding off on taking the plunge yourself), this would be an excellent place to start. Based on historical events, with none of the weirdness that I love so much/that might turn off the more normal folk. I’m lousy at conversion, but it’s probably right around $10.

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