Thomas, Grant – Sunder Citadel

Instragram (regular website down as of 9/4/22)

Sunder Citadel

It sure is bad timing that Grant’s website is setting off all the alarm bells of my antiviral software at the moment, because I have questions that could only be answered by checking out his shop. For instance, is he selling this comic or is he giving it out with his other comics, like the essential My Life in Records? You may notice that there’s no sample image this time around, which almost never happens, but it’s for a reason: there’s only six images in this comic. It has a unique design (the gap on the upper left of the cover image is just not there, as it’s shaped to highlight the castle aspect of it when it’s pulled on either end), and it’s a striking set of images when it’s opened up, but that’s all you’re getting this time around. If it’s an experiment for his students, or if he’s just playing around with the format, it’s a unique design for sure. It’s also unreviewable in any kind of conventional sense, which is only a problem for whoever is left out there still reviewing comics. Anyway, if you’re interested in his work, I’ve been reviewing his stuff for years and have recommended almost all of it, so give some of those comics a shot. As for this, if you see him at a convention, give it a little tug to see the whole castle laid out if he’s amenable to the idea.

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