Thomas, Grant – My Life in Records #7: Gemini Dreams


My Life in Records #7: Gemini Dreams

Just a general question for the comics making portion of the audience: do you consider how your book might look on the shelf at the comic store when you’re making it, or is so much of your business done online and/or in cons at this point that it doesn’t come up? It’s a minor thing, but I ask because Grant didn’t put “#7” anywhere on this sucker (I found it on his website), but maybe that’s not particularly important these days. Anyway! This continues the ongoing story of Grant’s early life, as told at at least partially through the music he was discovering/listening to at the time. This one delves even further into his early home life, especially in the first story. The sampled image shows just how far Grant’s brother was willing to go when his door was taken off the hinges, along with Grant’s efforts to block out the noise with his own music. Next up is a piece about an attempt by him to try transcendental meditation after reading about it in the liner notes for a Moody Blues album. I have to admit, trying this out on the drive to a camping trip ended up going a little better than I might have guessed. Finally there’s a brief piece about his years mowing lawns with a push mower, which was chosen primarily because there was no motor, so he could hear his music much better then he would otherwise. He also goes into some detail about how he chose his clothing at the time, and what it meant to him. Once again, this dude and I have some serious similarities in our formative years, so if you, gentle reader, thinks that I can’t have that in common and remain unbiased, well, maybe you’re right. But it’s been a fascinating ride so far, with significantly more depth and emotion in it than you might expect from a comic “about” music. Give it a shot, if you haven’t already, and especially if you’re anywhere near your mid to late 40’s. It’s very good even if you’re not, but if you do fall in that range the music might seem a lot more familiar… $7.50

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