Hill, Dan – The Fifty Flip Experiment #26


The Fifty Flip Experiment #26

Optical Sloth behind the scenes! It took me longer than I care to admit to decide whether to use “Fifty”
or “50” for my title. He’s gone back and forth on it, but all my other tabs say “fifty.” What to do? And this concludes my latest example of why there will never be a permanent “behind the scenes” feature at this here website. So, what’s this one about? If you’re new to the Dan Hill ouvre, it’s going to be a little tricky for me to explain, so much so that you’re probably better off just going to his (charmingly retro) website to read through a few samples. Do you like linear storytelling, where characters never turn into pieces of toast? Then you’re going to have to go elsewhere. This is actually the second of a three part story, so consider it a promise that I’ll go back and read these two issues again before reviewing the third one. Why? Because he included a handy and succinct recap and I still didn’t remember a thing about it. Yes, it’s true, I do sometimes go back and reread my own reviews to try to jog my memory. It’s like cannibalizing my own brain! Anyway, a good chunk of this issue is spent with the android dreaming, so we get to see exactly what it’s like when androids dream. Pretty great, actually, as they remember everything in them, and it’s probably handy as an escape mechanism from all the brain repair that’s going on during his dreams. Other subjects touched upon are ouija boards, identity theft of a bus driver, a broken teleporter, Manhattaning a dog, and keeping the sentient toast in the toaster way too long. As always, his intro and outro are worth the price of admission alone. I’m also not going to tell you about them, except to say that he included two outros: one for madness, and one for “where I talk regular.” If you are new here, let it be known that I think Dan’s a hoot, a truly unique voice in the world of comics. He’s one of those people that you may not enjoy, but you owe it to yourself to check and make sure, you know? Because if you do like his work, you’ll REALLY like his work. I doubt there’s anybody alive who’s read his stuff and been ambivalent about it. Give it a shot, why don’t you? $5

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