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Alone Forever

I reviewed Get Over It by Corinne Mucha just a couple of weeks ago, and if I ran the world these two books would be sold as a set. Corinne’s book goes point by point through an excruciating breakup, her denial after the fact and multiple aborted attempts to get back together. Alone Forever, on the other hand, is all about Liz living the single life, crushing on guys here and there but basically being OK with being single. Mostly. It’s complicated. These are strips taken from her website, so there isn’t a straight storyline (although it’s not like it’s difficult to follow), but the theme remains the same. Liz hangs out with friends, goes to see bands, crushes on various guys (with beards; that seems to be a requirement), has ill-advised attempts to go out with wingmen, notices that she seems to be wearing the same clothes as most of her crushes, and details a series of OKCupid dates that mostly go horribly wrong. OK, they all go horribly wrong in one way or another, but that doesn’t seem to be an odd result from using that site. I’m in serious danger of just spilling all of the beans on all of the various strips, but I have to mention that I love how her cats will not let her wallow in self-pity. My cat is a notorious asshole (to other humans and only occasionally to me), but she will not stand for any sort of crying either. See, all you monsters who hate cats? Dogs love you all the time, while cats love you the most when you really need it. She also included fake Valentine’s Day candy messages on the inside covers, and you should really take a few minutes to read them. This is a pretty damned great collection of strips, and I can’t recommend it enough for any other single people out there. Couples, butt out. You’re happy enough already. $9.95


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