King, Bart – Pennsylvanians #1



Pennsylvanians #1

Rarely do I just want to make delighted girlish squealing noises after reading a comic, but that’s my main reaction to this one. This is a genuinely original involving a subject that I was starting to think wasn’t even possible to make original any more, but Bart has really delivered here. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm for a bit and describe the story to you, but know that I’ll probably have a stupid grin on my face for the rest of the day after reading this. It starts off with a couple having a conversation about what they’ll do if they “get one.” Several of their neighbors already “had one,” after all, and they should be prepared in case it happens to them. While watching the news (which is as close as we get to learning the extent of what exactly is happening) the dog of this couple starts barking, and they discover that one of “them” has arrived. This is the moment where a lesser comic would have had the couple freaking out, or panicking, or generally making a spectacle of themselves. But in this comic the moment is met with a “umm…” and “so…” from the couple. This “them” that I’m talking about, in case you haven’t figured it out so far (or can’t tell what he was going for on that cover) is an alien. These aliens have been coming into the homes of people, silently observing both the people and their surroundings, seemingly spending large amounts of time on insignificant objects. These aliens are also both intangible and imperturbable, something that can be extremely unnerving for the people being observed. I don’t want to spoil a single thing about this as everything about it was such a delight, but the slow burn of this series is going to be a joy to behold. The subtle changes of expression on the faces, the effect when the guy’s arm passes through the alien… I’m going to start describing everything if I don’t watch out. Buy this and enjoy, that’s all I have to say. Or you could read the whole thing on his website, but if enough of you do that that he gives up on finishing this series I’ll hunt you all down and punch you, so don’t forget to give the man some cash for this thing. No price listed, but I’m guessing $5.


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