Papke, Maryanne Rose – Ghost Castle



Ghost Castle

I might as well start this one off with my only complaint: I’ve never been a fan of covers of only one color. Granted, your main thought should not be of how your comic would look on a shelf at a comics store, but the question should still be considered. Other than that (meaning “the actual comic”), I thought this was damned near perfect. It’s a mostly wordless tale of a young man who is… OK, it’s not exactly clear what he’s doing. Which is fine! We meet him as he’s bringing a flower to a castle. He gives the flower to the giant beast that is guarding the door, who then proceeds to let him in. As the young man is exploring he hears something begging for help, but in front of that door there’s a very large man in full armor, so our hero takes a good look at the situation and decides to keep going without discovering the source of the pleas. He comes across a clump of flowers, decides to take one to the guard in the hopes of repeating his luck at getting into the castle, and I can’t keep going with this or I’ll ruin all the surprises. Of course it doesn’t all go smoothly or there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell, right? The art is gorgeous; the shadows of those solid blacks really bring out the mysteries of that castle, and you’re right there along with the hero in trying to figure out what could be in them. I was under the impression that this was her first comic for whatever reason, but she has a few more listed on her website, which I’m now really curious to see after reading this. But check this one out first, as it’s a sweet and terrifying little story that is perfect all by itself. $4


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