Taylor, Whit – Madtown High #1



Madtown High #1

If you’ve read a ton of small press comics you most likely already know if you’re interested in reading another series detailing the adventures of the author in high school, but don’t rush off without at least giving this one a shot (her website is good for a preview, as she still has a number of pages up for free as of this writing). This is the first issue of a projected five issue series, and it’s broken up so that it looks like you could read them in damned near any order, or at least you could after reading the first story where she meets her circle of friends. Stories in here include the aforementioned meeting of her friends at lunch (after awkwardly sitting at another table for a bit), her time in the orchestra and the slow disintegration of the hopes and dreams of her teacher, gym class and all the awkwardness that ensued (mostly from other people and the fact that everybody stank after class), joining the science league and the thrill of winning, a bully and a potential bully that never materialized, a crush and her delightfully awkward attempt at making the guy notice her, and a secret hut in the woods that they used to hang out on weekends. I’m intrigued to read this whole thing, as it has long been obvious from past issues of her comics that she has a lot to say on the subject of high school. My only complaint is that a panel here and there looks like it’s been seriously rushed, like the one in the science league story where it looks like the bus she’s riding in is a lumpy cardboard box riding down a street where the grass is on fire on either side and the houses have been flattened. It only happens a few times and doesn’t really diminish the quality of the stories, but shortcuts like that (if it is in fact a shortcut and not just me nitpicking) do tend to stand out. But that’s a minor quibble and shouldn’t detract from the solid storytelling that she did throughout the book. $3


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