Smith, Andrew & Jordan, Rusty – History in Ruins #2



History in Ruins #2

Ah, so that’s where the mayhem is going to come in. This issue sets things up nicely for a showdown still to come. Things start off a good look around the basement of our hero, and we also get to meet his “friend” the mouse, who helpfully jumps around and points at things to attract his attention. Then we see his mom getting accosted and then fired by two mysterious men, and of course this will not stand for Duane. He goes out and cheers her up (staring at her boobs all the while, which, again, is a little on the creepy side), threatens action if the men ever come back again, and eventually heads to bed. The mouse wakes him up in the middle of the night, after things upstairs have taken a turn, and there’s a great final image promising beatdowns to come. I’m pretty much sold at this point, although I suppose there are still plenty of ways for it to get screwed up. How’s that for optimism? Eh, these two have a pretty good track record at this point and have earned the benefit of the doubt.


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