Cilla, Chris – The Heavy Hand


The Heavy Hand

Crikey, Chris has produced quite a show here. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to a graphic novel as a show before, but I’ll be damned if I know what else to call it. Lazy readers, and I know you’re out there (there are times when I am one of you), best stay away from this one. Chris makes sure that you’re never allowed to get fully comfortable in this story, and that’s a good thing. You get a pretty clear warning right away that traditional narrative storytelling may take a few twists and turns, as we start with a man (with as vague of a face as possible) working on a large electronic device. He pours a cup of coffee, puts a few (what we later see to be) gems into it, takes out his dick and pees all over the device. Welcome to the comic! From there we get to meet our hero (not the guy from the first two pages) as he talks about a new job that he’s picked up with his indifferent/borderline hostile girlfriend. Or not, as he then has a very similar conversation with another lady (this one has a duck bill for a mouth). Suddenly, grinning spiders! Then we’re back with our hero as he tries to get a ride to his new job, but the guy he was counting on ends up abandoning him at a gas station, leaving his looking for another ride. Suddenly, a tiny masked man fighting a spider! Then the ride to the caverns (have I mentioned that his new job is in a cavern?) reveals the history of the town, as we see a patchwork donkey beaten and drowned by a mob, except not really, and an army of eyeball blob creatures are unleashed as payback. And that’s plenty from my end, don’t you think? From there we get to see plenty of those caverns and those creatures, there’s a party, and a strange goat creature is born. Or it evolves fromĀ  a regular goat. The point is that it’s all up to you to put it together, but holy crap is it worth the effort. $14

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