Zack! Empire – Ugly People #2


Ugly People #2

Would it make me an asshole if I put YOU’RE = YOU ARE in the header of my website? I can’t tell you how sick I am of seeing that simple error made over and over again. For some reason it bugs me more than misspellings, more than trouble with “it’s,” more than just about anything else. And Zack! gets it wrong just about every time. Not that he’s alone in that, or even close to it, but it boggles my mind that people can spend countless hours drawing something and then rush through the words that accompany them. Which is a shame, as I thoroughly enjoyed the comic itself. Eh, it’s not like those errors ruined the book, it’s just that they’re so. damned. easy. to fix. Ahem. So how about the content? Three stories in this one. The big one deals with Big Daddy Bacon, who is a muscled-up dude who works at a strip club, as he finally realizes that all the “free food” he’d been eating from his job was actually coming out of his paycheck. I defy you not to laugh at that sex scene in the early pages. Hilarity ensues, and BDB (which is what everybody calls him) eventually settles on being a bounty hunter to earn some quick cash. Which we get to see actually happen in the next issue, I hope. Next is another piece on the lack of motivation suffered by the author (actually the lack of finding a good idea to get a project started), and this time his computer and his “to-do” list team up to try and finish up a comic for him. Which doesn’t go smoothly, naturally, leading to probably the only computer vs. list fight that you’ll ever see. Finally there are a few recipes towards the end about how to make a few simple foods using your coffee maker if your gas gets turned off. Sounds a little horrific to me, but hey, I’ve been unemployed for months now and I may be trying those out myself soon. I just checked the last review I wrote about Zack and I went on and on in that one about his spelling problems there too. Look, his stories are funny, he seems to be producing comics at a pretty good rate and I like his artwork a lot. For all the people that make spelling/grammatical errors, at least he also puts in heavily detailed backgrounds on just about every panel, something that a lot of people skip over or just don’t want to do. It’s worth a look, is what I’m saying. $4

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