Taylor, Whit – Crocus



Just a suggestion for young small press comic artists: watch the handwriting. My handwriting it shit, for example, but in the few comics I did WAY back in the day (that will never again be seen in public, thank you very much) I slowed myself down and passed the pages around before putting the book together to make sure that people could read what I was writing. Not much point otherwise, is there? I’m mentioning to try and not single Whit out, as it’s not like she’s alone in this, but there were a few strips here where fairly critical words were crammed into the bubbles or entire bubbles felt like they were written under a time deadline. It was a pretty solid book other than that, but little problems that could have been solved before the book was released will always bug me. Anyway, she mentions in the intro that these were the first comics she did after being unproductive following a move across the country, just to throw that out there. Stories include discussing who would get to go through your embarrassing stuff if you died, trying to plan a party as a fake wedding extravaganza, watching shows about polygamy, a meticulous blowjob, and what your favorite artificial flavoring says about you. There are also short pieces of things she both will and will not do again, and a piece about how Jersey Shore doesn’t feel spontaneous any more because they all clearly see themselves as brands. Any comment I have on that one would be mean so I’ll just leave it alone. Like I said, it’s a pretty solid pile of stories, so you should probably check it out if you liked her previous work. Or hell, even if you didn’t, although if I’m being nitpicky I’d maybe start with Onesies or Attic before moving on to this one. $2

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