Jackson, Rob – The Gods Must Be Bastards


The Gods Must Be Bastards

Rob Jackson has been on a serious role as of late, and I’m thrilled to see that he’s keeping that trend going with this issue. As you might have guessed from that fantastic cover, people are beginning to wonder just what exactly the gods are trying to do. In this world scientists are routinely killed when they approach any sort of scientific breakthrough, as the gods prefer to leave all that stuff as mysteries to maintain their power. That’s the common wisdom anyway, and a group of scientists set out to reach the home of the gods and see for themselves. Along the way they get into  a sea battle (after stealing a ship), land on a place called “The Island of Lost Souls” (where, shockingly, things don’t go all that well), encounter the sea beast sampled below, and eventually make it all the way to the home of the gods. You’ll have to read it for yourself to see what happens there, but I thought it was just about the perfect conclusion. It’s damned tempting to mention some of the happenings after they made it to the island, but I’m committed to no spoilers, even when I really want to. So what you have here is a lengthy comic with multiple factions wanting different things, an impressive array of fanciful creatures and beings, more character development than you would think and a whole pile of asides that I’m either forgetting or not giving enough credit to here. He’s done it again, that’s what I’m trying to say with all this rambling, and if you’ve enjoyed past Rob Jackson comics (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’re really going to love this one too. I think this is roughly $7 in American money, but it’s huge and you should probably check with Rob to be absolutely sure on that price.

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