Yost, J.T. – It’s Dream Time, Snoop Doggy Dogg


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It’s Dream Time, Snoop Doggy Dogg

You know, if J.T. is going to keep going with the dream comics (which he should) then he might want to think about drifting away from the Snoop angle. After all, Snoop can’t be in that many of his dreams, but he clearly has other interesting dreams to talk about. This one features all kinds of famous names in his dreams like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Roseanne Barr, Dick Cheney and Henry Rollins. Sadly no, they were not all part of the same dream, although if those four sat down at a table for a pay-per-view I’d watch it. Dreams include Snoop suddenly changing his facial hair and trying to sell t-shirts (although his facial hair had gone back to normal by that point), J.T. driving Cheney to his creepy house (Cheney’s, not J.T.’s) and then debating the wisdom of accepting a pill from Cheney, Roseanne (as his mother, apparently) worrying about evil spirits, Arnold giving him relationship advice and Henry Rollins selling deep fried hot dogs. He also throws in another dream with zero celebrities in it where he also talks about the dream that he has just had about Snoop for good measure, but there’s other worldly concerns mixed into it. I love the lack of any sort of fixed location in these dreams, as that can be something that dream comics get wrong. He has the feel of dreams pretty well captured, then combines it with a series of engaging stories. Yeah, I’d say that he should start thinking about a new title and maybe making this a regular thing. Either that or become best friends with Snoop Dogg so he’s more likely to have dreams about the guy… $4

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