Messmer, Dragon – Skully Flower #3


Skully Flower #3

Yep, that title sums this right up. Dragon (yes, that is her real name) starts off with a thorough and engaging introduction, which should come in the “Comics 101” class, but enough people making continuing series don’t bother, so I like to point out the ones who do. Anyway, Skull Flower is still settling in, getting to know the local stuffed animals, when Hydra walks in on them all meditating. Hydra is the woman who rescued Skully from the graveyard, in case you haven’t been following this series. Hydra can’t maintain her concentration and ends up in front of the teevee, until eventually a ghost unplugs it to free them. Hydra can’t see said ghost (despite being voted “most psychic” in high school) and the rest of the issue deals with them all trying to figure out who the ghost is, what it wants and how they can help it. There was also a mix-up involving a missing panel that apparently wasn’t noticed until after the books were printed, but Dragon managed to get it into the book anyway so that the narrative flow isn’t interrupted. I thought that was a nice touch, seeing as how she could have panicked and thrown the whole thing away or just given up on comics altogether at that moment, so kudos to her for that. I suppose that seems like a silly thing to praise somebody for, but you’d be surprised how many comics make it to me with glaring errors that almost have to have been caught at some point in the process, yet there they are, still screwed up. It’s another fun book in her series, and it’s hard not to like something that features a stuffed animal that tries to cheer people up by hugging them. $5

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