M., Simon – Lisbon



Thank you, travel diary comics, for letting me see these portions of the world that I never seem to make it to on my own. Lisbon never even made it to my list of possible travel destinations, but it sure seems like a nice place to visit after reading this. Simon and his wife went on a trip in which he contemplates what life would be like in Lisbon (except for the hat, not all that different than it is now), walks along the beach, fails to help a man with his lunch, watches fish, wanders between bars, and rides a very old elevator. He also throws in a few more astute observations here and there, but this is a short mini and I don’t want to relate the whole thing. If you like the travel diary comics or just the general tone of Simon’s work, you should probably check this out.  If you’re looking for a better example of his work, well, Smoo comics generally have a wider range of stories, so maybe you should start with one of those and work your way back. Or not, I’m not the boss of you. I liked it plenty, that’s the point I’m trying to get across. No price, but I’m going with $3 for no apparent reason.

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