Hill, Dan – The Fifty Flip Experiment #14


The Fifty Flip Experiment #14

Oh copying problems, you are the bane of the existence of mini comics. I’ll get to the content in a minute, but the fact that roughly half of the pages in here have dark copy lines either partially or mostly covering the pages is more than a bit annoying. Dan printed up a hundred of these things and I’m guessing he didn’t want to bother with the trouble and expense of copying a new bunch, which makes sense when you think how much the average mini comic producer makes (hint: breaking even is often a welcome surprise).  Still, it’s a mess, and it detracts from a few stories.  Ah well, at least this time around he upped the total of naked women considerably. Stories in here include baby as bomb, hobo wisdom, David Lynch making a Hostess snack cake commercial  (that I would have loved to sample if the pages weren’t such a mess), the fact that deaf people are essentially always in a sensory deprivation tank and thus are constantly tripping balls, Spoons for Hands Man gradually running out of steam as Dan clearly loses interest, the location of a tumor, a strip that flew right over my head (at least one guaranteed per issue!), is the cat really in the box, and why Shamu doesn’t sleep. Oh, and the inevitable disappointment of the symphony. Dan also had an interesting introduction about comedy in general, and I’m completely on board with finding fewer and fewer genuinely funny comedians out there.  A CD is also included that contains over an hour of something or other, but I popped it in, lasted a few minutes and then started searching around it. Didn’t find anything that really held my interest, but there could very well be nuggets of genius on it somewhere, my attention span is simply too short to try and find it. He says it’ll be less of a gap between issues this time around (this one came out about a year after #13), and here’s hoping he sticks to it.  He’s gradually carving out his own niche, so it would be nice if enough people manage to notice before he inevitably runs away from comics and turns to drink.  $1

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