Soucek, Nick – To Share is to Divide


To Share is to Divide

The ability to recognize when you’re being too melodramatic is often missing from autobiographical small press types, so it was heartening to see Nick take himself to task for it after a few pages of increasing melodrama. Nick is feeling sad and goes back to some hurtful things said by his last girlfriend (?), then off to ruminations about how he’ll be forever alone. Then the self-awareness returns and he seems to get that he’s wallowing, and the comic gains a little insight because of it. Nick rents a boat, goes off in search of time to think and ends up in the belly of a giant fish.  It ends up being a fairly hopeful comic (without giving too much away), and ends up breaking through some fairly conventional “I’ll never be loved” territory.  Why are there no comics in this genre for women?  I’m sure there are some out there, but the vast majority of it I see is from guys.  Because women have an easier time getting into relationships than shy guys?  Let’s just go with that, even if it does feel a little like a stereotype.  Anyway, Nick makes a few insightful observations about the process, and it’s certainly easy to see why it’s so common to get discouraged.  Check it out if you like these types of stories but maybe want to see a bit of a twist for once. No price, so let’s say $3 and hope for the best.

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