Cherry, Tom – X-Mas Afro


X-Mas Afro

Who else out there hates Christmas?  There, now that everybody else has left the review I can talk to the few remaining cranks out there.  The holiday bugs the hell out of me.  So, so many reasons not to like it, but even I’m not totally without a heart, and I am capable of getting something fairly cute and amusing in the mail and still getting a chuckle out it.  It’s the story of… oh come on, you can read that cover. The man can’t afford a tree, so he makes use of his natural asset.  All is going swimmingly until he decides to plug in the Christmas lights.  If you’ve enjoyed Tom’s previous comics then I’d recommend this one, or even if you just like the holiday.  If you are even one step above me in your hatred of the holiday, I’d avoid it like the plague, but you know that already, as you’re probably in hibernation until the stupid thing is over with.  Either way, it’s a measly $.25.

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