Zmith, Ben & Hansen, Adam – The Sad State of Affairs of Rooster Jack


The Sad State of Affairs of Rooster Jack

Huzzah for finally finding what I was looking for with this series?  What’s that you say?  The creators of the series are under no obligation to please me and it’s silly to judge it using that criteria?  You would have a good point if my underlying problem with the series was wrong, but it really wasn’t: my theory was that the characters weren’t fleshed out enough and the quests they went on seemed random and meaningless.  This one solves that problem by not really being about any quest at all, although I suppose there is one that serves as the impetus of the book.  The team is after a gem in the middle of a body of water, but due to the um, sad state of the team, nobody is really able to get to it.  So they have a little hilarious recruitment drive and then finish off the comic.  Why don’t I care about the lack of any sort of resolution?  Because this was all brilliantly set up to finally get a look into some of these characters.  They complain around a bar, they complain while sitting around outside, and their various weaknesses are gone over in detail.  Then, once all that and the story is over, we get little synopses of the characters.  If you’re ever looking to read this series in some sort of order, start here.  Oh, and there’s also a 3-D element to the bios, the covers and bits of the middle.  The middle also features lots of games and such for kids, but with enough funnies to keep adults amused.  Or at least to keep me amused, I don’t know what you like.  Oh, and it comes with 3-D glasses to help you enjoy all the special features.  Yep, I have no problems with this one at all, and think it’s an excellent sign on the overall potential for the characters and the series.  $3

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