Fryer, Hayden – Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #4


Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #4

Didn’t I say that I was going to go back and read this all in a chunk?  Maybe I’ll do that with a future issue, because the problem isn’t that I’ve completely forgotten what was in the first three issues in this series, even with the gap between reviews.  The trouble is that I have no idea what happened in the first “season,” and that information seems terribly important to understand what is happening now.  Or then, as this book came out in 2008, but there’s no sense getting everybody all confused.  Past events and characters are mentioned all the time, and that’s fine on a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (an obvious influence) because past seasons are readily available and they’ll even occasionally take a moment to explain something that happened long ago. I’m trying to just enjoy this one and not worry about it, but they make it tough when everything is tied so closely to the last series.  So, ignoring all that, this issue is basically a long and hilarious fight scene between Billy and the mutated hamster from the last issue.  While this is going on a shadowy group is taking over hell, and the emo mist is creeping closer to Billy’s location. And all kinds of past events and characters are referenced like we’re supposed to understand them.  Aargh!  It bugs me because this is a very funny series all on its own, and the major plot developments are clearly the result of careful planning that I’ll never see.  Also, dispatching a villain by smashing it through a microwave glass door, then turning on the microwave while you’re standing right there WOULD KILL YOU.  Sure, you can say it’s “just a comic book,” which is another way to say that you just thought it would look cool and have no interest in the facts.  Man am I cranky today, I better wrap this up.  In conclusion, this is a funny and innovative series that is crying out for a collected edition of the previous series or some sort of a synopsis, but still holds up reasonably well all on its own.  $3.50

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