Seck, Steve – Life is Good #1


Life is Good #1

Ah, the idea of all creatures living together in harmony.  I don’t think that was on Steve’s mind as he wrote and drew this, but I generally can’t read minds, so what do I know?  I was mostly commenting on the fact that there are so many different anthropomorphized beings in this comic that it has to represent some sort of perfect world.  There’s the bottle on the cover (the main character, and that makes it extra funny when he eventually descends into drunkenness), an alligator, a carrot, a cat, snakes, a chicken, an octopus, a dog, an ice cream cone, a turtle, a mustard bottle, a pig, and something that appears to the letter “T” with eyes.  If nothing else, the man gets points for creativity.  Anyway, things start off with Brown (the main character, also know as “Brownie”) in a meeting with his boss.  He obviously isn’t thought of all that highly, as his boss takes a lengthy call with the, um, “guy” still sitting there, and the boss eventually gets down to the business of firing him.  Sure, it’s a lousy job, but Brown had always hoped to quit in a blaze of glory, and getting fired has robbed him of that plan.  Brown’s friend Charles the alligator (or is it a crocodile?  What’s the difference again?) insists that Brown get drunk for at least a week, as getting fired for the first time is a perfect excuse to do so, and Brownie eventually succumbs, but only after a seriously bizarre dream.  Hijinx, naturally, ensue.  Steve has a great ear for dialogue, as several simple lines left me chuckling that could have been banal as hell in the wrong hands. This is early days of the series (he sent along the next three issues as well), and the backgrounds are occasionally a little scratchy or vague, but the variety of the characters helps a lot, as does the engaging nature of the story.  It’s possible you’ve read your last mini comic story about getting fired and moving on with your life afterwards, but if you aren’t predisposed against the genre so far I’d say this is worth a look.  It’s hard to hate something that is this consistently funny and engaging unless you’re just trapped in a cycle of cynicism…  $4

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