Touvell, Charlie – Shit Happens


Shit Happens

Are you someone who sees the occasional poop or flatulence joke and think “That’s funny and all, but what I really want is a comic with nothing but poop and shit”?  If you’re that guy (or gal, I don’t want to discriminate), then you’re in luck!  This is the story of a naked guy (?) who is wandering aimlessly through the forest.  Seriously, it’s completely aimless, as the page of his wanderings has him going many different directions on the same path.  Anyway, as he’s wandering around, a plant (forgive me, I can’t help it) talks shit to him, saying that if the guy eats the plant, the guy will shit.  The guy considers this a challenge, eats the plant, and has a series of gastrointestinal mishaps before finally losing his “bet” to the plant.  I guess that’s a spoiler, but is a spoiler even possible in a comic where the guy is sitting on a mound of shit on the cover?  Think I’m probably safe on that one.  Anyway, these are all just words, and you already know from that cover and title if this is up your alley.  I will say that Charlie turns a more artful phrase than you would have guessed every now and then, and his artwork (where he actually draws real things) makes me wonder what a regular comic from the guy would look like, but other than that you’re getting what you would expect.  No price listed, but $2 sounds like plenty to me.

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